Mikke 4 Malibu Receives New Endorsements from Los Angeles Leaders

29 September 2018, Malibu, CA…. This week Mikke 4 Malibu was honored to receive the
endorsements of the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters and the Los Angeles County Democratic Party...

  • The Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters Director Kirsten James said, “Mikke
    Pierson would bring to the table extensive experience on pressing environmental issues
    from his service on the Malibu Public Works Commission and Planning Commission that
    would allow him to effectively champion issues such as open space, clean energy, and
    clean water as a City Councilmember.” The LALCV was founded in 1976 and has
    supported candidates who promise to preserve and protect the local environment.


  • Los Angeles County Democratic Party is the largest democratic party entity in the
    United States. The LACDP represents more than 2 million registered democrats. The
    LACDP is dedicated to selecting and endorsing democratic candidates with a track record
    of upholding values of democracy and commitment to democratic ideals. Mikke is
    honored to receive this endorsement as he takes part in the democratic process this
    election season.

Mikke has shown a dedication to the environment and his community that is reflected in having
received these endorsements. Mikke has lived in Malibu his entire life and he knows Malibu has
both the wilderness worth preserving and the financial and community resources to do a better
job of it.

Likewise, Mikke knows that the people of Malibu care about their city. He will institute
measures to make sure that locals know and understand what is going on in City Hall. Mikke
believes that an informed populace is an engaged populace-the more you know about the
workings of the City, the easier it can be for you to have a voice in how its run.

For more info: mikke4malibu.com                                                           Tel: 310/309-0038

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