Mikke 4 Malibu Announces Upcoming Events to Meet Community Members and Interact with Local Unique Businesses

19 September 2018, Malibu, CA.... Mikke Pierson has shown a lifelong dedication to
service and helping those around him. His dedication started with the love of his lifelong
community, the city of Malibu. Mikke knows that this November’s election is not merely
about the city council, it is about the people of Malibu and their future. This future must
include and support a broad mix of resident-serving businesses that highlight the
uniqueness of our city.

Through his work as a small-business owner and consultant, Mikke has helped
entrepreneurs in Malibu and beyond get started, open, and stay open. The small
businesses of Malibu serve their local community and need to reflect the desires and
interests of the community. This week the campaign will highlight two small businesses
who would love to go a step further in serving their community and give their customers
and the city of Malibu a chance to interact with one of their city council candidates.
Lenise at Sorenity Rocks and Terah at Glamifornia Style Lounge will be hosting “Meet
and Greet” events to do just that. These events will give Mikke more opportunities to
talk with locals who care about the future of Malibu and understand their issues. These
events will give you the chance to ask Mikke your questions on how he plans to improve
the city. Please join us at either event:

  • Sorenity Rocks will be hosting a special “Healing Meet and Greet” with Mikke on
    Friday eve, September 21st from 5PM-9PM at their Lumber Yard location. The
    event will feature healing and treatments, including some from Dr. Michael
    Maguire of Radiant Health.


  • Glamifornia Style Lounge invites you to join them for a “Morning Meet and
    Mingle” in Eastern Malibu with Mikke. This event will take place Wednesday
    September 26th from 9:30AM-11:00AM at their location at the Old Courthouse.
    The event will feature complimentary coffee, tea, and treats by Alessilabs Coffee
    Science, Laird Superfood and Bulletproof coffee.


For more info: mikke4malibu.com                                                                                           Tel: 310/309-0038

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