Mikke 4 Malibu Announces Upcoming Events

28 September 2018, Malibu, CA…. This week Mikke 4 Malibu events were hosted by two
Malibu businesses: Sorenity Rocks and Glamifornia Style Lounge. Mikke is dedicated to Malibu
small businesses, he understands that they are the backbone of our city. As a small business
consultant, Mikke has helped dozens of businesses move to, stay open, and grow in the city of
Malibu. He was honored to take part in these events and showcase this dedication while also
meeting more Malibu residents...

If you missed these events, Mikke for Malibu has several upcoming opportunities to hear
Mikke’s plan for Malibu. Two of the next events in include candidate forums. These forums are
great opportunities to hear from all 5 city council candidates at one time. Mikke is ready to show
you how he plans to make Malibu work for YOU.

  • The Malibu Association of Realtors is hosting the second city council candidate forum
    on October 3rd from 5PM-8PM. This forum is another great opportunity to judge the
    candidates and see who will make Malibu work for you. The forum will take place at
    HRL Laboratories.


  • Point Dume Club is hosting a neighborhood walk/Q&A session with Mikke. Mikke will
    be walking the neighborhood to hear from residents starting at 10AM, followed by a Q/A
    session from Noon-2PM. This event Will take Place Saturday, October 6 th .


  • Malibu Democratic Club will host a forum at the Malibu Public Library on Sunday,
    October 7 th at 1:30 PM. This forum happens less than a month before the election and will
    be a great chance to hear some final arguments for why you should vote for Mikke.


For more info: mikke4malibu.com                                                                 Tel: 310/309-0038

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