Mikke For Malibu City Council

  1. Experienced - Malibu Planning Commissioner for the past six years, previously Public Works Commissioner
  2. Committed to improving safety for all residents (traffic, fire, emergency electricity and communications)
  3. Will continue to help protect Malibu from over-development, and ensure environmental sustainability
  4. Successful businessman (28-year owner of ZJ Boarding House), supports local and resident-serving businesses
  5. Strong supporter of an independent Malibu School District
  6. Will restrict short-term rentals to resident owners (no outside companies), and will continue to regulate "rehab" houses 
  7. Will preserve Bluffs Park, while providing recreational, arts, and community facilites on new City property
  8. Will promote clean, reliable energy use
  9. Will always prioritize our citizens over outside interests
  10. Lifelong Malibu Resident, with years of Local Volunteer Service 

If you have any concerns you’d like to discuss, please call me at 310.309.0038.